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Are you flossing properly? As strange as it sounds, there are a variety of different methods one can use to floss between teeth, with some being much more effective than others. Unfortunately, because our teeth are not perfectly shaped objects that scrub and clean, it can be difficult to reach all areas of our teeth. With improved flossing techniques, you can more efficiently wash away any plaque buildup that may be lingering around the hidden recesses of your smile. Try the following:

— To floss effectively, move your floss gently between each tooth in an up-and-down motion without pressing too hard on the gum line.

— Make sure to floss in between each and every tooth and behind the back teeth.

— The amount of thread you need per session is approximately 18 inches in length. Wrap each end around a finger and move up and down the floss as necessary, always using a different part of the floss for each tooth.

— Try to include flossing in your daily oral health care habits by flossing at least once every day.

— Always use dental floss or a dental tool that is ADA-approved or allowed by your dentist at PR Cosmetic and General Dentistry.

If you are having a difficult time finding or using the right floss and flossing tactics, or if you need a thorough cleaning to ensure your teeth are well protected from gum disease or tooth decay, please give us a call. You can schedule a visit with Dr. Paul Roe in Puyallup, Washington by calling 253-435-0333. We look forward to making your smile as terrific as it can be!