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Cavities are a result of tooth decay, which is a dangerous oral health condition resulting from poor oral health, neglecting your routine dental checkups, or eating a lot of carbs. We can help you recognize a cavity and how it may need to be treated.

Children are well-known victims of tooth decay, but any patient at any age can be affected, especially if they meet the risk factors for cavities. Seniors in particular can have old dental fillings that lead to tooth decay and may have weakened dental health as a result of not having had good oral hygiene in earlier years.

While there are sometimes no symptoms of cavities, you may experience some common signs of a cavity, such as persistent tooth pain or feeling sensitivity in your tooth because of hot or cold foods or drink. A cavity can even form a hole in the tooth that can be seen with your smile. Regular dental checkups may diagnose a cavity that you didn’t know you have.

Dr. Paul Roe can provide customized treatments for tooth decay, such as an amalgam or composite dental filling for small cavities, or a dental cap or root canal treatment for large cavities. If our dentist determines that restorative dentistry is not enough for severe tooth decay, tooth extraction may be the best solution for your smile.

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