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Cavities can sneak into your smile if you aren’t taking good care of yourself. Cavity prevention is as simple as eating a balanced diet, brushing and flossing your teeth and gums daily, and maintaining bi-annual dental cleanings with your dentist. Once your dentist detects a cavity in your smile, a composite dental filling may be recommended to bring back your smile.

Dr. Paul Roe is pleased to offer composite fillings for our patients in Puyallup, Washington with minor decay, chips, or cracks in their teeth. Composites fillings are tooth-colored so they blend in naturally with your surrounding teeth. These dental fillings are bonded to your tooth, providing you with a stronger restoration, and are ideal for placing on the front teeth which are most visible in your smile.

When you come in for your composite restoration, you will experience the following:

— While relaxing comfortably, our dentist, will restore your tooth in one visit.

— All tooth decay will be removed from the tooth.

— After the decay is cleared out, the area will be thoroughly clean to prepare for the filling.

— A composite mixture of plastic and fine glass will be placed into the cavity, layer by layer, then shaped to fit the tooth.

— The composite material will be hardened using a special blue light.

— The composite will be polished for a cosmetically pleasing restoration.

For best results, don’t let a cavity go untreated. Our PR Cosmetic and General Dentistry team is happy to help you achieve a naturally healthy-looking smile. Please call 253-435-0333 today. Let us show you how a composite dental filling can bring back your smile confidence!