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Are you aware that one of the biggest risks to your oral health exists in the form of damage caused by what you eat? Not only can you cause oral accidents and injuries be caused by foods and drinks you consume, but various ingredients over time can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Listed below are five risky foods types that can damage your teeth:

– Products that are very sour or tart tend to have a very low pH level, which is a sign of high acidity.

– The more acidic foods are, the more harm they can do to your tooth enamel.

– Sugary snacks can transform into harmful acids in your mouth capable of causing dental erosion.

– Hard foods including corn on the cob and apples can easily chip and crack teeth if you bite into them too hard. Exercise caution when biting down onto anything you put into your mouth.

– The longer the time that food particles are in contact with your teeth and gums, the higher the likelihood that erosion and decay can occur. Sticky and gummy treats tend to hang around your mouth long after consumption and may be particularly difficult to brush and rinse away.

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