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You may have been told that keeping your pearly whites clean is extremely important if you want to avoid getting any cavities. Similarly, you may have heard that you should have a filling placed as soon as you can if you’re suffering from a cavity. In fact, if you fail to have a tooth filled, you may ultimately need to have root canal therapy. Still, once you’ve had a filling placed, there are several steps we recommend taking until your filling is healed.

For instance, we recommend avoiding cold or hot foods because they could cause tooth pain until your tooth is healed. You should also avoid chewing directly on your newly-filled tooth while you’re healing. Similarly, please don’t eat anything until the numbness from your procedure has worn off. If you do eat while your mouth is numb, you could accidentally bite your gum, cheek, tongue, or even your lips, which could cause a number of problems.

Of course, our team will also offer you specific advice. Still, we recommend calling us if you’re worried about your newly-filled tooth. If your tooth has any cracks in it, is causing you pain, or are suffering when you bite down, please contact us.

Do you have more concerns about the steps you can take to care for a newly-filled tooth? Would you like to learn more about filling a cavity in Puyallup, Washington? Would you like to set up an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Paul Roe? If so, please feel free to give PR Cosmetic and General Dentistry a call at 253-435-0333. We’re eager to meet with you soon.