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If you wish your front teeth would look nicer, veneers may be one answer to the problem. They act like masks for your front teeth. They can be shaped to look like your real teeth, but in their more ideal form. Their main purpose is to cover minor issues that give your smile an unflattering look.

If your teeth are chipped or discolored, then a veneer can disguise them. They can also help you if your teeth are uneven, crooked, crowded or spaced too far apart.

With veneers in place, people can instead see a flawless set of front teeth. Even though they are not real, their color and appearance can make them seem like they are real to those who observe them.

Veneers can help you in other ways too. One particular way is if the enamel on your front teeth has worn off. Enamel is an important aspect of a tooth’s resistance to things like infection and decay. Without it, the softer tissues inside the tooth can be at risk. Veneers can reinforce a tooth by covering the spots the enamel can no longer protect, thereby helping you keep infection and decay out.

Now if the things we have listed here are a little more serious, other treatments may be able to help you. But if they are more on the minor side, veneers may be the answer for you.

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